Partial Listing of Summit Presentations

A Closer Look: Making CTE Data Work for You

Adequate Documentation: Complying With Grant Terms to Avoid Audit Findings

Advocate to Educate With SCACTE

Agriculture Networking Event

Allowing Students to Take Control

Apprenticeship Carolina Youth Apprenticeship Expansion Updates

Approved on the First Submission: First Rounder

AR/VR and Technical Credentialing: Do They Fit?

Architecture and Construction Networking Event

Arts, AV, Tech and Communications Networking Event

Axalta's Surface Preparation Process

Bringing CTSO Project Management Into the Classroom

Bringing the Business World Into a Creative Classroom

Building a Skilled Manufacturing Workforce

Building a STEM Culture in Your School and Community

Building Accessible Documents Part One: Microsoft Word

Building Accessible Documents Part Two: Microsoft PowerPoint

Building Career Readiness: An Overview of the WIN Career Readiness System

Building Career Readiness: An Overview of the WIN Career Readiness System

Building Your Talent Pipeline: How Pickens County Uses YouScience to Uncover Talent and Align Students With Their Best Pathway

Business Management and Administration Networking Event

Can CTE Overcome the Effects of Trauma in Students?

Career and Technical Education and the Exceptional Student

CCAR's Hybrid Electric Vehicle and Electric Vehicle Battery Safety
Computer Science in Business, Finance, and Marketing

Cosmetology and Barbering Networking Event

Covid-19 and Perkins V OCTE Monitoring Process

Creating a Video Media Campaign to Promote CTE Careers

Creating Career Connections in the Midlands

Creating Effective Social Media Calendars From Actual Data & Insights

Creating Skilled Trades Education & Employment Opportunities In Your School

Credentialing AgriScience, Animal Science, & Welding Programs With AR/VR

CS Is More Than Coding

CTE Business, Finance, and Marketing Update

CTE Computer Science and Information Technology Update

CTE's Role in an Equitable Economic Recovery

CTE/Office of Special Education Collaboration

Current Transitions In and Out of the Digital Environment

Cyber Security and Manufacturing Technology is the Bridge to the Future and Dual Credit in the Lowcountry

Cyber Security and Manufacturing Technology is the Bridge to the Future in the Midlands

Data-Based Decision Making for CTE Administrators and Instructors: Eight Must Have Data Points for CTE Programs

Delivering Lab Experiences Anywhere: Integrating AR/VR in STEAM and CTE Programs

Developing and Sustaining a Career Pathway System using a Career Pathway Review

Diesel After-Treatment System

Digging for Career Development Resource “Gems” in the Lowcountry

DIRECT: Bringing Experts From the Workplace to the Classroom

Directors Meeting

Discover Online Career Exploration and Tutor Support for the CTE Student With Discus

Documents and Procedures: Find Them and Maneuver Them

Doing the Right Thing, Always

Don't forget the B.A.S.I.C.S: Using Familiar Face-to-Face Techniques for a Successful Hybrid or Blended Class

Drones: A Game Changing Tool for Us All

Early Childhood Classrooms: 10 Ways to Make Your Job Easier!

Easy Fun Ways to Incorporate Projects Into CTE classes

Easy Ways to Successfully Avoid Problem Behavior From Potentially Good Students

Education through Experience

Education/Training Networking Event

Educators in Industry Coursework Requirement

Electrification at Ford Motor Company and Its Impact on Service

Empowering Individual Strengths and Encouraging Diversity

Engaged Learning With Entrepreneurship

Engaging Students with Authentic Literacy CTE Extension Projects

Enhancing Construction Programs With Augmented and Virtual Reality

Equity-Based Evaluation Strategies for STEM Programs

Ethical Computing: How Would You Decide?

ETV Educational Resources 101 for Career and Technical Education

Everything You Want to Know About Junior Achievement  and Work-Based Learning

Examining the Computer Science Landscape in SC

Family and Consumer Science Networking Event

Finance Networking Event

Firefighting Standards Update

Firefighting Today

Food Safety in the COVID Era

Food Safety: The Art and Science of Our Culinary World

Free Personal Finance Resources for Your Classroom

Free Resources To Use For Professional Development

Fundamentals of the Power Steering System

GameStop, Reddit, and the Digital Economy: Understanding & Teaching Financial Literacy in the 21st Century

Get Your Students Hired! School Districts as Registered Youth Apprenticeship Program Sponsors

Good or Bad? Teacher Morale During a Global Pandemic

Google and the Virtual Classroom

Government and Public Administration Networking Event

Harnessing Lightning: Dynamic Staff Training Comes Alive Online


Health Science Networking Event

High Tech Careers in South Carolina: Exploring Pathways to High-Wage, In-Demand STEM Opportunities

Holy ACRONYMS, Batman!

Hospitality and Tourism Networking Event

How ADAS Affects Today's Automotive Service Industry Advanced Driver Assistance Systems

How the Southern Regional Education Board (SREB) Makes Schools Work: An Overview of Support for South Carolina

How To Involve Your Students In Your School's Google Review Strategy & The Awesome Benefits That Can Happen

How to Promote Your Ag Program

iCEV Online CTE Curriculum, Instructional Materials, and Certification Testing for Successful In-Person, Hybrid, and Distance Learning

Implementing Drone Technology in Your School or District

Improve Your Career Readiness Metric With a Virtual School Academy

Improving College and Career Readiness in a Small, Rural High School

Inquiring CTE Minds Want to Know: How to Use a Practitioner Inquiry Process to Address CTE Enrollment, Course Offerings, Curriculum Implementation, Instructional or Learning Gaps, and Other Problems of Practice

Inspiring Allied Health and Health Science Students With AR/VR

Instagram Trends for 2021 That Every School Needs to Know

Introducing Innovative Certification for Health Science Seniors in South Carolina.

IT Networking Event

It's Not Just the Warning Light Anymore

Law and Public Safety Networking Event

Leadership Relearned: Rebuilding the Morale of Your Team Remotely

Lessons Learned from Hosting STEM Events in a Virtual Environment
Leveraging AR/VR for Manufacturing, Industrial Robotics, and Automotive Programs

Literacy 2021 Challenge

Manufacturing in the 21st Century and How to Best Prepare Students for Careers

Manufacturing Networking Event

Manufacturing Technology and Information Technology are the Bridge to the Future in the Upstate

Marketing Networking Event

Marketing Your Classroom and Connecting With the Community

Mechatronic Certification through Siemens NC 3 and NIMS Industrial 4.0 Standards

MG STEM: Bringing Career Exploration Focused Projects to Your School

Navistar's Diamond Logic Electrical System

NCCER Updates

Not My Fault! Put Excuses to a Halt With a Focus on Initiative

Offering High Quality Human Services/Family and Consumer Sciences Programs

Online Interactive Career Exploration and Work-Based Learning

Overview of the e-Torque Mild Hybrid System
Pate Brisee (Pie Dough) for Professionals: A Virtual Interactive Session 

Pee Dee Regional Career Specialist Best Practice

Pendleton Region Resource Center

Pendleton Region Resource Center

Perkins Grant Management and GAPS Administration Guide

Perkins V Comprehensive Local Needs Assessment (CLNA) Impacting Local, Regional, and Statewide Growth:  Improvement Phase Implementation Tools & Best Practices

Perkins V Comprehensive Local Needs Assessment (CLNA) Improvement Phase Implementation Tools & Best Practices

Perkins V the CTE Primer: Special Populations

Planning For The Future: Arts, AV Technology and Communications, STEM, and Transportation, Distribution, and Logistics Cluster Updates

Playing With Fire: Conflict, Communication, and Your True Colors of Leadership

Powerful PBL Practices: Transforming Learning Experiences for Kids

Pre-Apprenticeships in South Carolina: What We've Learned This Year

Preparing for the Return of Generation Z to the FCS Classroom

Preparing Health Professionals in a Dynamic World

Preparing Students for College and Career Readiness During COVID-19

Preparing Students to Read and Write in Their Career Field

Project-Based Learning: A Connecting Thread in Hybrid/Blended Learning

Resource Connections in the Upstate Region

Resource Connections in the Waccamaw Region

Restoring Corrosion Protection in the Age of Post-Repair Inspection
Retaining the CTE Student Through Engagement

Santee/Lynches Region Resources and Connections

Saving Family Consumer Sciences: Yes, We Teach That!

SC Health Science Program Updates


SC STEM Teacher of the Year Shares Experience of Using Learning Blade

Science of Tribology:  Understanding Friction, Wear, and Lubrication
Shortages or Furloughs: How Will the Pandemic Impact the Aviation Industry for Your Graduates?

South Carolina's Economic Outlook: Certifications, Skills and Programs of Study in Greatest Demand

SPED Students in CTE programs: Make It Happen!


STEM Lifesaver: Supporting STEM and Computer Science Education in South Carolina With Learning Blade's Online STEM and CS Program

STEM Networking Event

Strengthening CTE Programs Through District Partnerships

Strengthening Student Employability With Career Readiness & SEL Resources from EVERFI

Supporting Computer Science Teachers

Switching Gears: Driving Flexibility and Adaptability to Improve Soft Skills

Tapping Into Student Creativity

Technical Skills Assessment Update

The 2021 Process for Choosing a College

The 3 C's of CTE: What's Your Next Move?

The 3 C's of CTE: What's Your Next Move?

The Art of Scenarios: Using Real World Scenarios to Teach Employability Skills in Your CTE Program

The Changing Workforce: Emerging Trends in Hiring, Skills, and In-demand Occupations

The Continuing of Education for Educators Today

The Law and Public Safety Education Network, LAPSEN: Work Smarter Not Harder!

The New Reality of CTE: Earning Industry Certifications Beyond the Classroom

The Pandemic and Its Impact on NCAA/NAIA Eligibility: How to Empower Parents to Take Control

The Power of the Phone Call: Reducing Anxiety When Calling Your Student's Parent or Guardian

Training Programs, Apprenticeships, and Career Opportunities in the Skilled Trades

Transportation, Distribution and Logistics Networking Event.

Turning Your Agricultural Education Program Into a Research Center

Understanding School District Website Requirements and Considerations (Federal/State)

Using myCAERT in Agricultural Education: A Free Tool for Hybrid Learning

Virtual Industry Deep Dives

Voice and Choice in the Digital Age: Implementing Student Choice to Empower Students and Deepen Learning

Want to Develop Computer Science Programs or Courses in Your School? Learn How Microsoft Can Help You for Free

What Does the Director of Community Relations Do in the Automotive Industry?

What to Expect When You're Hiring an Entry Level Technician S/P2
What we've learned this year - adapting and overcoming. !

Why Career Readiness? A Toolkit for Exploration and Preparation

Wisdom Points: Remaining Steadfast and Resilient In the Midst of Unethicality and Corruption in the Workplace, Public Education, and Business

Work-Based Learning Networking Session for CTE Educators and Industry Partners in Greenville

You Can't Pour From an Empty Cup: Lessons on Self-Care from a Former School Principal