​​​Accepted Presentations for the 2018 Education and Business Summit

8 Strategies for 4C Engagement

911, What Is Your Emergency?  Is Your School or Classroom Ready?

A Focus on Jobs in the Industry: Teaching Careers in Hospitality

A Soft Skill Toolbox

Accessing CTE Data in PowerSchool

Advertising and Digital Media Marketing Standards

Anti-Cyberbullying 101

Are You Setting Yourself Up for Failure?

Are Your Completers Ready for Their End-of-Program Assessments?

Automotive Collision Repair Workshop: McKinney Automotive Center, Greenville Technical College

Automotive Technology Workshop:  McKinney Automotive Center, Greenville Technical College

Baking and Pastry Technical Skills Assessment Development

Beauty and the Beast

Berkeley County School District's CTE Ambassador Program

Beyond the Stage

Brain Games and Puzzles: Food & Nutrition

Brain Games and Puzzles: Health Science

Brain Hacking: Rescuing Our Students and Ourselves from Social Media

Bridging the Gap Between Local Industry and Qualified Candidates

Building an Effective Advisory Council

Building Bridges for Students

Building Connections With Students

Building Connections With Students

Building Occupational Opportunities

Building your local plan

Business and Finance Cluster Update

Career Pathways 101

Career Preparation and Development: Becoming the Exception to the Millennial Rule

Career Readiness Accountability

Career Ready or Not?  How to Hack Your School Readiness Program

CareerSafe: Safety Education for America's Future

CAT Programs of Study A Design Framework

CATE Update for Directors and Coordinators

Certification, Certification, Certification

Changing Perceptions: Key to Growing the Workforce

Chrome Extensions for Students with Disabilities

Classroom Misbehavior: The Future We Hope Not to 4C

Code.org Computer Science Curriculum

Comparing and Contrasting Certified Nursing Assistants/Patient Care Technicians

Convergent Media Project

Crash Course:  New CATE Administrators

Creating a Positive Environment: Building Culture to Promote Success

Creating Career-Ready Skills for Today's Agriculture and Welding Careers

Creating Collaborative Communities: Connecting Project-Based Learning and College

Creating High Quality CTE Assignments

Creativity, Communication, Collaboration, and Commitment (the other 4Cs)

Credentials for Construction and Mechatronics

Cyber Security: Preparing Students in K12 for Tomorrows Jobs

Data Rich, But Results Poor

Data Visualization, Mapping, and Communications

Design Thinking: Supporting STEM and Student Thinking

Digital Media and Filmmaking

Digital Storytelling

Discovering Computer Science

Do You C.A.R.E. About Your Students?

Doc and Email Access

Doing the Right Thing  - Integrating ethical decision-making in business/marketing

Don’t get stuck at Pre-Submittal

Dual Credit for CATE Completers

Dual Enrollment: Enhanced Partnerships

Early Childhood Education: Applying today’s LESSON to tomorrow REALITY

Education Is the Exit Plan

Educators in Industry Powerpoint

Educators in Industry

Engagement! Engagement! Engagement!

Engaging a Model of Online Learning in Cosmetology

Engaging Digitally-Native Students with Immersive Business Simulations

Engaging Workplace Learning Beyond the Basics

Ensuring Equity in Problem-Based Learning

EVERFI - Free Online Financial Literacy, College, & Career Readiness Resources

Everything I Needed to Know to be a School Administrator, I Learned as a Car Salesman

Experiential Entrepreneurship: YEScarolina Training for Teachers

Fashion Teachers Rock! Fashion Marketing & WBL Retail Internship

Financially Literate, Financially W!se

Focus on Jobs in the Industry

From 'Maybe MOS' to 'Mighty MOS' Certification: The Learn-by-Doing Approach

Get Started with Coding

Global Goodies and Curious Cuisines. It Is Simple and Fun!

Google in the Classroom

Growing a Workforce Through Registered Youth Apprenticeships

Hackers, and Crackers, and Malware, OH MY! We're Off to See the Wizard!

Have You Googled Me Yet? Creating Electronic Portfolios Using Google Sites

Health Science and HOSA Updates

High Demand Sectors Common Skills Report 2017

How Are You Smart? Using STEM Pathways to Find Career Success

How to Teach Geriatric Sensitivity to Students

HTML & CSS:  A Web Design Crash Course

Human Services/Family and Consumer Sciences Update

I'm a Career Specialist. Now What Do I Do?

I'm a Career Specialist. Now What Do I Do?

iCEV Online for South Carolina CTAE Curriculum and Student Credentialing

Information Technology Update

Infusing Computer Science Concepts

Inspiring Courage to Excel Through Self-Efficacy

Inspiring vs. Managing Teens

Integrating Math in CTE

Introduction to Digital Badging: College & Career Readiness using Digital Badging

Keeping It Real

Laugh & Learn

Lexiles and Quantiles in the CTE Classroom

Lions, Tigers, and OZOBOTS, Oh My!

Make Your Career Fair Go from Average to Amazing!

Making the Real Life Connection:  Industry Examples to Engage Students

Manage It Like a Champ

Marketing Education

Measure Your Program

Meetings and Events: Bringing Current Hospitality Trends Into the Classroom

Middle School CATE Programming: An Innovative, Systemic, and Sustainable Approach

Middle School Work-Based and Project-Based Learning Collaboration

MOS Certifications: A Complete End-to-End Solution to Skill Development

My Spark Plug:  Motorsports in the Waccamaw Region

NC3 & Siemens in Conjunction with Festo Mechatronics Certification

Non-Traditional Recruiting in CTE

Online Update for Today's Class and More

Panel Discussion: Special Services in the Classroom & Business Meeting

Pathways to Success in Sports and Entertainment Management and Marketing

Paying for College

Peeling the Profile: The Power of the Profile of the SC Graduate

Personality Types: Who Am I and Why Does It Matter?

Planning and Paying for College

Planting a Better Tomorrow One Piece of Data at a Time

PLTW Update Session: New Courses and Professional Development Options

Polaris Tech:  An Integrated Model for Career and Tech Education

Power Hour

Powerhouse Strategies for Dynamic Enrollment, Retention, and Performance

Powerhouse Strategies for Dynamic Enrollment, Retention, and Performance

PowerSchool Basics

Preparing Students for the 21st Century and Beyond

Project Based Learning = Lifelong Success

Research Tips for Teachers & Students

Restorative Leadership

RISE Leadership: A Modern Approach to Building Innovators and Strong Leaders

Road Map to Pharmacy

Rookie Teacher Retention

SEED Strategic Excellent

SC Career and Technology Quality Review Measures

SC Diploma Pathways

SC Engineering and Industrial Technology Educators Business Meeting

SC State Work-Based Learning Updates 2018-19

SCACTE Board and Business

SCATFACS Business Meeting

SCETV Instructional Resources for Any Classroom

Scholarships: Don't Stop Until You Get Enough!

School District Website Requirements and Considerations (Federal/State)

SciGirls Connect (PBS Kids):  Engage Girls in STEM Learning and Careers

Seamless Education – Agriculture at Clemson University   

Seamless Education:  Agriculture in SC Technical Colleges

Seamless Education:  High School Agricultural Education

Seamless Pathways: Charleston Regional Youth Apprenticeships

ServSafe Manager Training and Certification

Shmoop Presentation at SC Ed and Business Summit

Shot in the Arm

Singing in Harmony: The Value of Belonging to a Professional Organization

Social Media Standards

Soft Skills for Hard Numbers: Measuring Students' EmployABILITY Behavioral Changes

Solving Real World Problems in the Classroom

South Carolina Career Development Professionals (SCCDP) Board Meeting

South Carolina Standards for Computer Science and Digital Literacy

South Carolina Standards for Computer Science and Digital Literacy

State Board Break Down

STEM*equity: Encouraging Everyone's Interest in STEM

Student Academic Achievement in the 21st Century

Success In Progress

Supercharge the 4Cs for Your CTE Center through TCTW (Session by Invitation Only)

Supporting Your RealCare Baby Program

Target Marketing Opportunities in Hospitality and Class Activity Options

Teaching Entrepreneurial Skills To All Students: Why Now?

Teaching IT and Cyber in the Classroom (We Can Work on This)

Technology and National Credentials

Techvolution: The SC Technical College System, Technology, & Student Success

The 4Cs of Elementary School Career Exploration

The Finkley Experience: Preparing Generation Z for College and Careers

The Magical Unicorn: School Counseling in Career and Technology Education

The Power of Micromessages in Marketing, Recruitment, and Success in CTE

The R.O.A.D. to Success

The Recipe for Combining Core and CATE: Intentional Engagement

The Value of Career Guidance and Special Education Teacher Collaboration

The What, So What, Now What of Project-Based Learning

These Kids Are Different!

Think Differently! Computer Science Concepts into the Business Classroom

Transitioning Students with Disabilities Into the Workplace and Beyond

Understanding Your Retirement Plan

United Equipment Sales Air Purification Units for Various CTAE Programs

Unraveling the SC Uniform Grading Policy

Using Hands-On Learning Methods to Educate Generation Z

Using Powerful Language During Instruction to Increase Academic Achievement

Using Restorative Practices to Maintain Classroom Discipline


UTeach CS Principles: A College Board-Endorsed, Project-Based Course

Virtual MindBlocks - a closer look

Virtual MindBlocks - a closer look

VirtualSC Franchise Program: A Flexible Learning Solution for SC School Districts

W!se Certification in Personal Finance Pre-Conference Workshop

Webpage Design and Development Technical Skills Assessment Development

What Is 3D printing & Why?  It's Much Bigger Than You Think, I Promise

What Is a Mini Lesson? How Will It Benefit the Student and the Teacher?

What is STEM and Why?  Don't Get Confused by the Name; It Is for All of Us

What's Going On in There?

What's New with VirtualSC? A Look Into the 2018-19 School Year

YEScarolina Teacher Certification Training (Pre-Registration required)

YEScarolina Teacher Certification Training (Pre-Registration required)

Your Total Package for Students: Explore, Expand, and Execute!